Saturday, June 19, 2010

A What?

I've recovered pretty well from Kansas, and am back at it again. The weather in San Diego was absolutely perfect today. This week I've hammered out a few solid training days, while getting excited to fit in some long training days this weekend. 
I haven't ridden with Julie since her killer race in St. George, so was stoked when she told me she wanted to do one of my favorite San Diego training rides. Thing is, 10 miles into our 100+ mile journey there was a bit of an issue. My chain became lodged between my frame and the front crank. Ummmm ya, I have no clue how it got in there, but it certainly was NOT going to budge. John asked if I had a "chain tool" with me. "A what?!?!" I don't own any such thing. But, there you have it, he wips out one of these:
We take apart the chain, fish it out of it's precariously lodged position, reconnect the link, and with grease covering every inch of my hands and arms we were rolling again. Up and over a few of these, and eventually back to sea level for a surprisingly strong t-run.
All I have to say is, thank goodness John came out to play today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Without him my day would have ended after a depressing 10miles. I can promise you this evening's 16oz frozen yogurt tasted much better after the ride, run, ice bath, and yoga session!

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