Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weekend wrap up

I have to admit it is kinda fun to race with a number that is less than 4 digits. It fits on the helmet and bike so nicely ;) This weekend I was racer #6. Sounds oh-so-wonderful, until you consider that the elite wave started at 6:30. That isn't so bad for an ironman, or even a half. But to wake up at 4:15 for an international triathlon seems a bit unnecessary-especially considering I didn't have my race wheels on & bag packed until after 10pm Sat night.
Swim: I think the starter accidentally hit the horn a minute or two early. We were all in mid conversation/laughter when we heard a tiny "beep." Doesn't take much to get this group kickin', so we were off to the races. He then hit the horn in rapid succession. In swimming this means 'false start.' So I reacted in swimmer fashion and looked up for a brief second. No one stopped, so I said a quick swear word to myself and tried to find some feet again.
I swam a bit behind the main pack until the turn around buoy, with Lesley Patterson right on my heals. At the turn she surged ahead of me and I felt nice and comfy tailing her to the swim exit. As I entered T1 I heard the announcer commenting about Michelle (Jones) jumping on her bike and figured we were 2nd/3rd.
Bike: Considering my legs were hurting during the swim I knew this is where the challenge would begin. Sure enough I was quickly passed by friends: Rachel Challis and the crazy impressive Terry Martin (ya, she's still showing us young studs how to bike!). I had nothing. Seriously, this would have been a great pace for an ironman, but shux this was a 30k!  haha. Figured this would happen, and choose to train hard this last week. So it was time to keep smiling, suck it up and ride on. Around 29k I started to feel decent. Sadly that "Dismount Here" sign was fast approaching. I leaped (go me- I can now finally do a flying dismount. Quite impressive for this blonde klutz!!!) off the bike and headed out of transition in 5th.

Run: Little Tati was right on my heals heading into T2. I am stoked for her...she had a kick ass race which started with a solid swim! I really did enjoy racing with my training partners. About 2.5 miles into the run I approached Terry. I wanted her to come with me so so bad! There isn't an athlete on that course that I adore and admire more (I plan to bottle up a bit of her love for the sport and IM Canada speed-she's a former champ there-when I head to Penticton in 9wks ;) ) Really, the run was uneventful. My legs hurt, but I held a good clip and got to the finish feeling strong.

Finish: 4th. Top 3 got $$$, but 4th place got to run an easy 4miles back to transition, pack up my things and be home by 10:30.

Now, on to the REALLY exciting news from the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!Congratulations to fellow Wolverine, Andy Potts. IRONMAN CHAMPION in Coeur D' Alene this weekend! Hells ya!
And his first 2 words to Mike Riley after crossing the line (and hugging his adorable son)?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
"GO BLUE!!!"