Monday, June 21, 2010

Good night's lead to good mornings!

I was a bit spent after yesterday mornings run. It wasn't the pace that did it (in fact at times I wondered if I was even moving forward). My legs and body were just tired. ...As if you can't tell this by the post run pic someone snapped of me
But in my delirious state I still made it out for my second run. (in the afternoon the tv was turned to golf-always a quick way to a nap for me!) I never know how a second run will go. Starting can be the biggest obstacle. Once out the door I just listen to the body, and go with the flow. This one went better than I anticipated.  How could it not with this view, and the sunset that went along with it!
Then I woke up to this:
Thanks Julie for joining me for a great ocean swim in the La Jolla Cove. I think I've been in the ocean 2x every week since up to my promise, and slowly building a better relationship with the open water swim gods.

Until next time...Happy Training AND Living!