Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fried Food, OR Fried Legs?

It is my least favorite 2 weeks of the year- the Del Mar Fair. I'm sorry, but rides that collapse into drivable trucks, chocolate covered bacon (no seriously!!), and fried pop tarts simply aren't my thing. But ultimately, it's the fact that way too many people love all these things and clog my freeway that has me counting down the days until the fair packs up and hits the road.
I've succumb to the craziness by biking everywhere, and substituting fried food for days of leg frying...and I'm not talking about chicken thighs! This week I welcomed the return of two of my favorite workouts. It was time to turn up the dials once again. Thankfully, my fav. Brooks rep joined me for 8x1mile repeats. He hasn't been on the track in a YEAR and jumped at the opportunity to play Caroline's rabbit. Not only did he join me for the workout, but he was right there at my side as I nailed my goal of holding 6:20 pace (beside the always slow #1). It was a good one indeed...deposit in the bank! Thank you!
Wednesday I wasn't sure if I'd be able to crawl my way out of bed, but was ecstatic to re-join the Wed Swami's smash fest. With the first big acceleration I took a deep breath and enjoyed a quick/silent 'pep talk' that went something like: "you can, you will, no excuses, just f***ing hold on." The ride hurt just as much as it always does. But this time I actually held on longer than ever before  (oh it's the little things), and even found myself at the front a few times (clearly I was in a flurried daze with my brain in shut off mode. Had there been any brain function I surely would have been smarter than that! Ouchyyyyyyyy). Seriously, 80miles never hurt so bad....I mean good ;) !!!

Today I rejoined the boys for a stroll through east county. I was too busy holding on to take any pics. Plus, I had to get my butt home so I could get in a short recovery swim in hopes of flushing out the legs a bit before tomorrow's Sunday Funday - aka: San Diego International.

I struggle to get up for the shorter races, but it's always fun to jump into the local races and race along side my friends and inspirational training partners. Time to get the bike ready, slide into the compression tights, and hope these fried legs and find a 2nd, and 3rd gear tomorrow morning.

Good luck to everyone racing in Coeur D'Alene and Lubbock! I have a feeling a few friends of mine are going to be singing their ALOHA's tomorrow evening.