Monday, May 24, 2010

Back in San Diego....and....

So I never got around to that St. George II post.  But the rest of my time there included more tough training, and one LONG action packed day of spectating/cheering!  Coach Paul let me jump in their car with the Lifesport team, and we set up camp at the highest point on the course. Once Kate and Katya went flying by I was off for a nice 2+ hour run. It was awesome. 4,000ft of elevation, open trails, mountains/hills galore.
Post race included another beautiful exploration run, and a quick (freezing) swim with the TYR crew.
But, every fun filled training week must come to an end. St. George was beautiful, however I couldn't wait to get home. Up and over the mountain and we were back in S.D.
On this trip I also learned I'm not the only triathlete addicted to gum. I do however go through a pack faster than my traveling companions!
I wonder if Orbits would consider sponsoring me?!?!?!?


Christi said...

The swim does look very cool. I love Orbitz! Let me know if they want to sponsor you!

Tawnee said...

I am severely addicted to Orbit gum too, particularly Sweet Mint. It's bad. I wonder if they put something in there to get us to keep buying it!?