Thursday, January 21, 2010

There's no shortage of water around here!

Yes, there is a lot of water in the beautiful Pacific. But that isn't the kind of water we're experiencing here. We're getting what I'd refer to as a good Michigan kind of rain. You know the kind where substantial amounts of water falls from the sky, and every once and a while there may be a glimpse of thunder and lightening. San Diegans simply can't cope. Surfs Up!

The roads are flooded, and even the indoor pool was briefly closed due to thunder and lightening.
[WOW I just heard the loudest thunder EVER. Nice! Power just flickered off and on. Real weather....gotta love it!]
Oh, back to the pool. This was how swim practice started today:

The pool has a retractable ceiling. The ceiling was closed...making it an indoor pool. But they still made us wait 30mins from the last lightening sighting. Strange, but we socialized and waited it out.
Once we finally got in the workout was awesome. The main set is one I'll put in the book and repeat next time I have to swim solo: 2x400; 3x300; 4x200; 5x100.
The base -5 200's even made coach tired and required a brief mid-workout snack.

They're predicting another strong storm tonight, but the weather man says we'll be able to hit the roads and ride Saturday. Stay Dry!

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