Thursday, January 7, 2010

Let the spirit live on

All of my Christmas dreams came true this year. Reality is, there weren't many. I just wanted to get home and enjoy time with my family....all 4 of us! Thankfully my brother wasn't sailing around the world (literally) and was able to make it home. Our Christmas was simple and simply awesome. The midwest sure does Christmas right. The minute I disembarked the airplane I was greeted with awesome decorations and instantly filled with the Christmas spirit (as if I was lacking this prior to arriving back home).
When I walked into my parents house things got even better. The table was set, and soon my mom's great cooking filled the plates.
And then there is the tree. Beautiful Mom!
The lines for Santa were long. But as they should be. After all, we all know the real Santa only exists in Somerset mall!
I use to be the youngest within my extended family as well. Thankfully one cousin has 2 adorable kids. They remind us of the true magic of Christmas in a way only kids can!
Christmas is over, but I hope the spirit of the holiday carries you through 2010.

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Charisa said...

So great you got to spend it with family!