Sunday, January 24, 2010

A bump in the road

It was another solid week of base training. I enjoyed a few great run workouts this week (even that Friday a.m run which required an intense fight with gale forced winds!). The rain didn't keep me from enjoying several solid swims. I am notorious for changing the prescribed swim set...but lately I haven't changed a thing. When Fast Friday came around I didn't think my usual: "I don't do fast." Instead I tried to hang on as if my life depended on it. Sierra was in town from Pasadena and did a great job at showing me how it's done!

When Saturday rolled around. I was ready to hit the road. The rain stuck around until 7:30a.m., but by 8:00 the clouds moved aside and we were rolling. We headed to the mountains. Climbing = warmth. We even enjoyed a snow sighting. It was beautiful! Cold, but beautiful!

After taking in the beautiful snow capped mountains things went south. We descended, speeds picked up, body temperature went down, and my blood sugar hit zero. I can honestly say I wasn't sure I'd make it home. I just wanted to get to the next town (20miles), hug a huge cup of coffee and find food. Had Shannon been without that extra gel I think I would have assumed the fetal position and given up. But Gu once again dug me from that deep dark place. Thank you Julie and Shannon for not leaving me for dead. I was very fortunate to have great friends and training partners out there to provide the sugar and smile I needed to get me home!!

Who would have thought that after such a ridiculous display of destruction I'd be able to pull off my 2 hour run this morning! Sierra and I went puddle jumping/running. Man, I love enjoying time training with great people. Come back soon Sierra.
I certainly hit a big bump in the road this week, but things ended on a high note. While I was out there suffering Saturday I promised myself that I'd take tomorrow off.

Congrats to everyone who ran their hearts out at CBad Half Marathon today. A special congrats to my Kristin who killed it! Love you girl!!

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Charisa said...

Love your snowy picture!