Monday, February 23, 2009

YOGA?!?! It's ALL about finding the right studio!

What is all this yoga craze? Several years ago I tried a yoga class at my gym back in MI. It was ok, but too much staying in the same position for this a.d.d. girl! Just wasn't a fan!

At the end of the 2007 season I suffered a tendon injury during the 70.3 championships. I was in an air cast/boot for months, and unable to run for 4+ months. Friends told me to try yoga. Yoga instead of running? I wanted to shoot myself. Endurance athletes don't sit still very easily, especially this one! To hold a pose was mentally draining, especially when it was replacing the time I had been spending running. After trying a few studio's I gave up. Yoga just wasn't for me.

I didn't return to another class (even through friends kept talking it up like the next best performance enhancing drug) UNTIL I went to Sculpt Fusion Yoga.

It just so happens that Tuesday is my least favorite day of the week. I am exhausted from the weekend training, the work week seemed long, and things always went wrong on Tuesdays. After a "Terrible Tuesday" I walked into Sculpt Fusion for a class with Claire. This was not like other yoga classes! It was the perfect balance of strength, flexibility, and relaxation. I was however still sceptical. So I asked a friend (who has been trying to get me to see the benefits of yoga for some time now) to come with me the following week. Again, I LOVED IT! So did she. I have gotten to know the owner and instructors at the studio and just love it. One Terrible Tuesday after another was redeemed by the power of yoga.

So...if you ask me now if endurance athletes should find time within their cardio and strength workouts for yoga, my answer will be: "Absolutely! But don't go to any yoga class! TRY SCULPT FUSION!" The studio is located in Carmel Valley (4639 carmel mountain road #102). It really has changed my opinion on yoga!

For those of you in San Diego, let me know if you want to try a class at this studio, and I'll gladly join you! Plus, you're first week is free!!


Shan said...

Yeah, I don't know why endurance athletes hate on yoga - maybe because most aren't flexible? ;) All that time in the saddle will do that to ya...

But really, doing yoga could only benefit triathletes - if you can build the discipline to focus on a difficult posture, or through the whole class, that will pay dividends later when you have to focus during a race...

Glad you found someplace you love!! :) Maybe I'll come check that studio out soon - the hot yoga sounds fun.

Caroline said...
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Caroline said...

Dr. JoJo and I go Tuesday nights. (she's way better than me!) tehe. You should come with us! Or lets hit it up another night. Let me know what works for you and we'll go! Maybe later this week or next??? =)