Friday, February 27, 2009

Tired, but looking ahead to the weekend...

A day off for a triathlete is often an easy "spin" or a quick swim. Crazy that we'll jump into the pool and swim four grand, and call it a day off. That is after all more than most people do any day! I had planned on going for an easy spin today, but just couldn't get up the energy to get out the door. Bike clothes on, but my ass was back in bed and not in the saddle. oops!
Finally at 5:00 I was out the door for an easy run instead. Why is it just so hard to decide that I'm tired and just chill out for the day! But my mind thinks about working out or not working out until I just get out there and do something.
I felt a bit sluggish. But then a song came on my iPod that made me focus and remember why I was on the road, instead of on the couch. Music can be a nice background to a solo run or ride. But it can also be a motivator, distraction and/or sound that brings focus to why we're out there training. My pace quickened, my mind shut out all other stresses, and I ran with a purpose as I watched the sun set over the pacific.
Next song "Apologize." I don't know why that song totally motivated me last season. There is just something strange about the beat. Now the song reminds me of all those training days motivated by the thought of racing in Kona....and how awesome it was when all the hard work paid off!

Another week comes to a close, and a big weekend lies ahead. Tomorrow we're riding the final stage from the Tour of California. We'll work our way up several climbs, including the 5,000+ ft. climb of Palomar Mt. And with a climb like that, there is no doubt the testosterone levels will be through the roof! I just hope I can hold on!!!

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Uli said...

How did the ride go? I barely made it for three hours today, ha. Looong way to go. And yes, read my post from yesterday, I feel the same way about days off...